Tiger Striped Bags

Tiger striped bags are supplied as part of any of the waste services, and unlike other companies we do not charge for each and every bag that you use. To make life easier for everyone we suggest that they are not filled to the brim, as this causes problems in lifting and sometimes causes splitting. We supply an endless stream of bags and our staff will recognise that 2 half bags = 1 bag.



Non-infectious, offensive/hygiene waste which may be recycled, incinerated (waste for energy) or deep landfilled.

EWC Code(s)
Product Name:Tiger Striped Bags
Capacity:5kg to 60 litres
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Tailoring our available packages to suit your needs, we offer more flexibility and a higher level of commitment to our customers than many of the larger names in the industry. We ensure that our service is available at times to suit your business, and that we are flexible in the provision of our services.

From providing the products you need to maintaining and emptying / refilling when required, we offer a complete service which is discreet, professional and gives you peace of mind.